Hosting WordPress Mu With Nginx

Hosting Mu on Nginx is generally your best option.

Now with Nginx Fastcgi Cache this is even more so.  You’ll want to use php-fpm and also memcached if you’re setting up on a VPS account.  Most people are building their WordPress Mu installation in the cloud now because it offers better options to scale quickly.

One Nginx set up which will extend your resources a long way is:

  • Frontend defaults to Nginx Fastcgi Cache
  • If not fastcgi cache try server side includes with includes from memcached
  • If not ssi from memcached send to php-fpm, update memcached

The serving of non fastcgi cached WordPress pages can be sped up greatly with Nginx and SSI , batcache ,and some custom memcached additions via your theme and plugins.  You want your theme to stick most loops, content blocks, and widgets into memcached so they’re available for a ssi page.

With Nginx you also want to include in your fastcgi cache settings an extra long caching for /wp-content/blogs.php.  To further minimize resource use additional custom hacks could be made for /wp-admin/ files.  To eliminate cpu usuage further you can transfer image processing to google app engine.  This gives you a platform for image processing that has virtually unlimited scalability and is relatively cheap.


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