WordPress MySql Replication on App Engine

It’s possible to replicate your wordpress mysql database to Google App Engine using App Rocket. I think you get 10 Google App Engine apps per account so in theory you could replicate your database 10 times and serve reads from app engine via a json or xml api.

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WordPress Admin Optimization

wp-load takes a fair chunk. This could be knocked down.

menu.php takes a big chunk. This could be cut down by making a menu which uses jquery for current classes on ids.

WordPress Mu Best Cache Supercache vs Batcache vs DB Cache Reloaded vs W3 Total Cache

Which is the best wordpress cache for wpmu? (assumes you already have opcache of course)

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Dashboard Load Time MySql

Dashboard load time on one of my WPMU installs was taking a real long time to load and causing issues with my php-fpm.  The problem was actually the MySql query time.

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Shardb Multiple Databases for WPMU – HyperDB Alternative

Shardb could be a life saver.  So far my personal results look very promising.

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Hosting WordPress Mu With Nginx

Hosting Mu on Nginx is generally your best option.

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How To Host WordPress Mu

WordPress Mu has a number of hosting options including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and vps hosting.

This blog will go through these simple options plus also advanced scalability issues and clustering.